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Case Studies from the ACT RFK Human Rights Curriculum Pilot

Towers School and Sixth Form Centre, Kent
Teacher: Zoe Baker

Students in year 8 (12-13 year olds) analysed a number of case studies that focused on gender discrimination, women and girls’ rights and LGBTQ+ discrimination. Students identified one case study they felt strongly about and prepared a campaign exhibition for staff and parents to publicise their case and enlist support for their action. Explore the sequence of learning and resources used

Enfield Grammar School, Enfield, London
Teacher: Verity Currie

In this sequence of lessons for a year 7 class (11-12 year olds), students learn about a rights defender and start to plan a possible action they could undertake. The lessons introduced students to the problems of deciding what would constitute an effective political action. Explore the sequence of learning and resources used

Addey and Stanhope School, Lewisham, London
Teacher: Ryan Mason

This sequence of lessons involved a year 7 class (11-12 year olds). They spent the first few lessons developing their knowledge and understanding about human rights. They then focused on the case study of Frank Mugisha and LGBT activist in Uganda. The lessons included opportunities to engage in supportive action. Explore the sequence of learning and resources used

Priory School, Portsmouth
Teacher: Helen Blachford

This sequence of lessons was developed for a year 8 class (12-13 year olds). Students had studied Nelson Mandela and the Apartheid era in history lessons, but they had never considered his work in Citizenship lessons.  The STTP case study provided a starting point for a contemporary investigation and citizenship action. The lessons helped students deepen their understanding of the nature of human rights and of the struggle to achieve them. Explore the sequence of learning and resources used

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