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Children's Rights Alliance

A comprehensive website of information, links and resources to support the teaching of rights from The Children's Rights Alliance.

The Children's Rights Alliance work to:

  • promote and support the effective involvement of children and young people in the development of government policy and laws that affect you.
  • demonstrate that children young people can make a positive contribution to public policy making.
  • make the case for government and others to always take account of children's and young people's views on matters that affect them.
  • translate government consultation and policy documents to make them more understandable to children and young people.
  • distribute our documents as widely as possible across the country.
  • give advice to children and young people on how they can take action, including preparing responses to consultations, meeting MPs and civil servants, and becoming involved in national campaigns or self-advocacy groups.
  • let young people know about their rights under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which the UK Government in 1991 agreed to fully put into practice.


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