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Citizenship Education for KS3 published by Hodder Education

Citizenship Education for KS3 has been awarded the ACT Quality Mark for Citizenship Teaching Resources. Teach the 2014 Citizenship curriculum with confidence using Citizenship Education for KS3, a single-book course that matches the revised Programme of Study.

With a clear structure mapped against the Programme of Study and range of accessible, developmental activities, you can ensure continual progression in your pupils’ knowledge and skills across the key stage. Key Citizenship topics covered include the functions and uses of money and how the political system of the UK has evolved.

This resource has been awarded the ACT Quality Mark for Citizenship Teaching Resources. The ACT assessment panel said,

“'Citizenship Education for KS3' from Hodder Education is an effective citizenship text book resource complimented by a dynamic learning portal with online teaching and learning resources. Teachers using this resource will find topics are addressed comprehensively. It has well-designed teaching and learning activities that deepen citizenship knowledge and understanding and develop active citizenship skills from debate to taking action in the community.”

Citizenship Education for KS3 is a priced publication available as a textbook and a Whiteboard eTextbook, and is also supported by Dynamic Learning Teaching and Learning Resources – a suite of innovative, digital lesson planning tools, activities, assessments and guidance. To get an exclusive 20% discount on the Citizenship Education for KS3 textbook, order online and enter the code WN0007860 at the checkout.

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