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Citizenship teaching resources for distance learning

ACT teachers have been sharing their ideas to support pupils who may be studying Citizenship at home during the outbreak of COVID-19.

All the resources here are accessible to those with appropriate IT and internet access.

Teachers will want to review the resources first to ensure they are appropriate for pupils.

Our huge thanks to everyone who has contributed to this collection of resources.

The document below provides links to advice for setting up distance learning and  a list of resources available from organisations supporting Citizenship education.


The 80 resources below are written and shared by teachers as suggestions for homebased and distance learning. They are available to download from google drive.


Key stage 2

1. Making laws

2. The role of charities in communities 


Key stage 3 

1. Active Citizenship

2. Politics and Parliament

3. Law and the Justice system

4. Rights

5. Role of the Media

6. Economic and Financial Education

7. Exploring British Values

8. Quizzes


Key stage 4 and GCSE

1. Voting systems

2. Executive and legislature

3. Bicameral Parliament

4. Power and democracy

5. How Parliament works

6. Role of MPs

7. Ceremonial roles in parliament

8. EU 

9. Law and the justice system

10. Local government

11. Role of the PM

12. Global issues, governance and the UN


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