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Election teaching resources

Teacher members of ACT have been developing lessons and activities to support teaching about the election, voting and democracy. 

Our thanks to Helen Blachford, Zoe, Baker and Ryan Mason for sharing their ideas.

Lesson 1: General Election and voting an introduction to the General election and voting with teaching activities

Lesson 2: Register to Vote a lesson to help pupils understand how to register to vote including links to videos from Bite the Ballot

Lesson 3: Manifestos a lesson introducing activities to engage pupils with key manifesto promises from political parties with thanks to The Day

Lesson 4: General Election and parallel school election an overview of the General election, voting and running  a parallel election in schools

General Election form time activities. These activities have been designed for any teacher to use in form time or lessons.

You may also find it helpful to view further ACT resources on parallel elections and democracy and our guide to maintaining impartiality

ACT is part of educateGE2019 a collaborative project with 24 organisations to provide resources to support teaching about politics and the election.

See for more resources, advice and support.



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