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Exploring extremism - the ACT Building Resilience Project

Exploring extremism

Lorellie Canning, Head of Citizenship, led work on The ACT Building Resilience Project at St Bede's & St Joseph’s Catholic College in Bradford.

This project focused on critical thinking, problem solving and enquiry skills, and taking informed and responsible action. It involved five Citizenship lessons with four Year 9 and 10 classes. Pupils explored concepts of extremism and terrorism and the role of the media through critical engagement with real life case studies.

Below, you can hear from Lorellie and download her case study, scheme of work and resources developed.


  • Case study (pdf)
  • Scheme of work (pdf)
  • Lesson 1

  • Extremism Lesson 1 Learning Mat (PowerPoint)
  • Extremism Lesson 1 Worksheet (Word)
  • Lesson 2

  • What are extremism and terrorism? (PowerPoint)
  • Lesson 3

  • Case studies (PowerPoint)
  • Handout (pdf)
  • 'Promoting fundamental British values as part of SMSC in schools' - DfE advice for maintained schools (November 2014) (pdf)
  • Lesson 4

  • Opinions handout (pdf)
  • Lesson 5

  • Extreme education (PowerPoint)
  • All teachers involved in The ACT Building Resilience Project worked within the school's safeguarding policies.

    Find out more about The ACT Building Resilience Project and see the work developed by other teachers taking part

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