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Free to Speak Safe to Learn from the Council of Europe

ACT is delighted to support a campaign launched by the Council of Europe, 'Free to Speak, Safe to Learn', which encouarges all schools to become 'Democratic Schools'. 

The 50 member states of the Council of Europe, which includes the UK, have come together to respond to the rise in tensions in politics acrose Europe, the growth of extremism and terrorism and the increase in misinformation. The campaign is designed to encourage schools to promote democracy and human rights with a view to strengthening democratic culture.

Schools are invited to join as participants in the 'Democratic Schools for All' programme. To register, schools will:

  • Sign up to the Democratic Schools pledge with the approval of their Head teacher or Principal
  • Submit a new or ongoing project - for example, schools using the ACTive Citizenship Award Scheme could use this as their project
  • Join the Democratic Schools Network
  • Benefit from access to resources and good practice case studies

The campaign is organised under six themes:

  1. Making children's and student voices heard
  2. Addressing controversial issues
  3. Preventing violence and bullying
  4. Dealing with propaganda, misinformation and fake news
  5. Tackling discrimination
  6. Improving well-being at school.

For more information and to register see

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