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GCSE exam board Masterclass resources

On Tuesday the 22nd of September we hosted a GCSE masterclass with Zoe Baker, our Secondary Lead, and our regional ambassadors; experts in the different examination specifications. We considered the pressure the pandemic has put on the 2021 cohort of citizenship studies candidates, and how to help them in the months leading up to the exams.

Below are resources from the session.

-Zoe's presentation on the Recovery Curriculum and Practical Strategies for our classrooms

-Knowledge grabbing and revision

-GCSE technique resources

-Hexagon revision activity

-PEEL skills

-Self-assessment revision tool

-Starter activities (retrieved grids etc)

-Theme linking

-A03 question template: comparing writers  and comparing sources

-Knowledge planners for year 11 citizenship

-Year 11 statement question practice

-Edexcel 12 mark question

-AQA exam presentation

Exam board sessions on vimeo:

AQA coming soon...

OCR  coming soon...

Edexcel  coming soon...


Learning Scientist Resources: 

Learning Scientists videos 

Learning Scientists emergency distance learning resource

Learning Scientists downloadable materials

Rosenshine Principles Resources: 

Tom Sherrington’s YouTube Channel

Intro and Research 

Sequencing and modelling 


Daily/weekly/monthly review


Zoe Baker - Advisory Teacher at ACT, AQA Examiner

Helen Blachford - ACT Ambassador, AQA Exam Expert, AQA Examiner

Daryl Henson - ACT Ambassador, Edexcel Exam Expert

Sera Shortland - ACT Ambassador, Edexcel Expert 

Emily Owen - ACT Ambassador, Associate Teacher and Edexcel Exam Expert

Bryden Joy - ACT Ambassador, OCR Exam Expert 

Jane Haynes - ACT Ambassador, OCR Exam Expert

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