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General Election Teaching Resources

The ACT Topic Guide on The Electoral System and Political Parties includes an overview of key concepts to address together with practical teaching suggestions and links to resources from Parliament Education Service, the Hansard Society, Bite the Ballot and the English Speaking Union. There is also a range of resources available through The Politics Project

Other topic guides are available on 'The Constitution and Political System', 'Active Citizenship and volunteering', 'Justice, the legal system and international law', 'Finance, the economy and money'.

The General Election 2017 powerpoint* provides a set of slides with key information about the General Election, MPs, constituencies, how to vote, how to register to vote.

The Manifesto teaching activity* introduces pupils to what a manifesto is and the ways in which political parties use a manifesto during an election campaign. Pupils take part in an activity to discuss the issue of pollution and develop and present their own manifesto policy idea on whether cars should be banned from city centres.

The ACT Journal 'Teaching Citizenship' Issue 41 includes articles and practical teaching suggestions for learning about General Elections and setting up 'mock' elections to run parallel to the General Election with pupils in your school.


*With thanks to Helen Blachford and the English Speaking Union.

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