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Glasgow Girls in the Classroom

Issue 49 of ACT journal Teaching Citizenship is out! Download free article 'Glasgow Girls in the Classroom', the third of three related articles in the journal*.

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Teaching Citizenship Issue 49 Spring 2019

*Former teacher Euan Girvan started the Five Nations Network conference 2019 session on the ‘Glasgow Girls’ campaign, and provides the first of three related articles. He set the scene, explaining a bit about the context for the local campaign to protect families seeking asylum from deportation. The second article is from Amal Azzudin, one of the young people involved in the campaign, and the third article is from Claire Dunphy, a teacher who is building on the legacy of the campaign. This opening article is also a double-first for Teaching Citizenship - it is our first article in the form of a poem, and our first article written in Glaswegian!

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