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Go-Givers aspires to give children of primary age a foundational understanding of how people care for each other and for the wider world, in the expectation that they will, in the long term, play an active role in the caring society.

Go-Givers extends the SEAL and Healthy Schools programmes into the wider context of society. It addresses many of the requirements of the DCSF's 'Guidance to Promote Community Cohesion' and deals with important issues raised in the UNICEF Commission on the Rights of the Child

Go-Givers 7C's

This is a three-part website containing sections for teachers, parents and children.

The Teacher's Section provide a range of exciting free Citizenship learning resources. Once registered with the site, teachers can download modules of work which are fully referenced to the Guidelines, and National Standards, for PSHE and citizenship, and the National Curriculum.

The modules, which can be used for whole class teaching or assemblies, contain thought-provoking presentations for use on the interactive whiteboard; lesson plans; and children's activities. Aditionally the site includes a number of interactive activities and games, and bespoke web tools.

The Parent's Section contains articles on parenting matters and citizenship issues for families.'Our Pledge', which can be accessed from the Parent's Home Page is a home-school link project. This activity aims to enable families to identify how they can give something extra to one another, their local communities and the wider worl. On the Our Pledge pages families can promise to make a difference by sharing their time, money, skills or support with others.

In the Kids' Zone children can become familier with the Go-Givers characters by playing games, making their own comic strip and sending e-cards. The Children's Toolkit, which can be accessed from the Kids Zone Home Page, will help children find out how they can take positive to engage with and make changes to the world around them.

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