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How can we maintain respect and understanding in our society? Lesson 5 of 6

GCSE • Identities & Communities • Core Curriculum

How can we maintain respect and understanding in our society?

This lesson is part 5 of a sequence of 6 lessons addressing the key enquiry: Why does our changing community identity matter?

In this lesson, students will use the case study of the change in legislation in 2014 that led to the issues around citizenship and right to remain in the UK. Students will explore the development of legislation to protect rights and also what happens when legislation prevents rights being protected. They then get the opportunity to consider how different communities organise to create cohesion and understanding themselves to decrease the need for legislation.

Students will work towards answering the following questions:

1. How can laws change the communities we live in?
2. What laws have developed over time to ensure people are respected in our communities?
3. Do laws to protect sometimes have unintended consequences?

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