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LGBT Laws and Hate Crime with the University of Law

Expert-led webinar- LGBT Laws and hate crime with the University of Law

02 February 2022

This webinar was delivered by the University of Law Pro Bono team and Bar Practice course students. The session focuses on developing teacher knowledge of the law in relation to LGBT rights and hate crime.

You can access the Powerpoint slides and the recording from the event.

Please find a list of useful links, including classroom resources, information sources and legal cases on the final slides. The University of Law also has a collection of form time/assembly activities on human rights, LGBTQ+ laws and International Women's Day, which can be accessed here. For further reading, go to article from Teaching Citizenship Issue 46: Human Rights by Peter Thatchel, ‘Sexual Offences Act 1997- reform and repression’. A first step on the long road to LGBT liberation. 

If you are would be interested in having the Pro Bono students visit your classroom to deliver a particular topic around the law, please get in with supervising tutor, Douglas Lloyd, touch here

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