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Media Literacy teaching resources

These resources were developed during 2020 by ACT to support the teaching of media literacy through citizenship.

1: Teaching Media Literacy - Covid-19

Put together by experienced secondary citizenship teachers, this first learning activity is designed for use with pupils in key stages 3 and 4. Pupils are introduced to basic media literacy concepts and terms and encouraged to develop their knowledge, source analysis and critical thinking in relation to the different types of information they encounter.

Using the Covid-19 pandemic as the topical news issue, pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of mis, dis and mal information and how to analyse different sources of news and information.

Pupils will need the powerpoint, pupil source sheets and resources below.

These materials were designed by ACT teachers and are part of the Media Literacy education project supported by the US Embassy in London and in collaboration with Shout Out UK.

You can read more about the project Media Literacy Education in the UK here.

Additional resources have been created for this project by Shout Out UK. These are available here and include:

  • an animation on the differences between mis, dis and mal information
  • podcasts with journalists discussing the principles of good journalism and fact checking
  • a series of infographics to help explain key terms in media literacy education.
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