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Oak National Academy weekly ACT Citizenship Lessons for Years 7-10

We're pleased to announce the arrival of Citizenship teachers to Oak National Academy, the online classroom and activities club set up to help teachers and parents support their pupils and children during home learning. Oak provides a plan of video lessons and resources. Every lesson is free to use. Citizenship is timetabled for Lesson 1 on Thursday each week.

These new online lessons have been designed by ACT Teachers for home learning, and are accessible from mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Citizenship lessons will be released each week until the end of the summer term. 

The new Citizenship lessons are available for key stage 3 and 4 and include:

-Year 7

Lesson 1 'What rights are we entitled to?'

Lesson 2 'What does a right to education really mean?'

Lesson 3 'What can I do as a citizen to protect the rights of others?'

Lesson 4 'How do we protect the right to health?'

-Year 8

Lesson 1 'Why do we have laws?'

Lesson 2 'How are laws made? (criminal and civil law)'

Lesson 3 'Can citizens change laws?'

Lesson 4 'Should the age of criminal responsibility be changed?'

-Year 9

Lesson 1 'What is democracy?'

Lesson 2 'Is direct democracy better?

Lesson 3 'Are elections truly fair?'

Lesson 4 'Why is media freedom necessary in a democracy?'


-Year 10

Understanding the economy

Lesson 1: Is Government action led by the UK economy?

Lesson 2: Can taxes be avoided?

Lesson 3: What are the financial challenges facing local authorities?

Lesson 4: Should public services be privatised?

Understandng the law

Lesson 1: How are laws made?

Lesson 2: Who enforces the law?

Lesson 3: What is the difference between criminal and civil law?

Lesson 4: What is the purpose of punishment?

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