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These activities are grouped into four broad areas: ideas for assemblies; lessons for the under 5s; lesson ideas for ages 5-7; and lesson ideas for ages 7-11.

The series gives teachers the inspiration and the practical tools to incorporate Education for Global Citizenship into their lessons and across their school.

This guide is divided into two main sections:

Section One provides a strong rationale for the need to teach Controversial issues, using evidence from research to show that using challenging material can help in the development of thinking skills –information processing, reasoning, enquiry, creativity and evaluative. Advice for handling controversial issues is clear and could be implemented in the classroom. There are guidelines for the teacher, with a variety of strategies outlined.

Section two contains a number of activities to be used with students from early years through to the end of KS4. the final activity , ‘ A community of enquiry’ can be used across the entire age range and is an effective way of motivating and engaging less confident pupils. The activities are varied, using different stimuli and methodologies and provide a plenty of scope for the teacher to adapt and develop to suit the age and ability of their students.

The document concludes with a list of resources and suggestions for further reading.

This is a useful resource in its own right, providing a framework for the development of teaching controversial issues in the classroom.

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