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Parallel Elections Project: Results Week

Key stage 3 (ages 11-14) • Politics, Parliament & Government • Assemblies & fact sheets

Results Week!

Week 6:

Now that the election excitement has died down, it’s time to reflect on what we’ve learned about politics and elections. We can also review the skills and knowledge developed during these lessons.

This week’s resources allow pupils to:

  • Evaluate their contributions to the school election.
  • Review the knowledge and skills they developed that can be useful for preparing for life in modern Britain.

Lesson 1:

This lesson provides an overview of the post-election process: how a government is formed and how citizens can contact their elected representatives.

Lesson 2:

In this lesson, pupils will review their role and learning from taking part in an Active Citizenship project. They will identify their individual and group contributions to a successful election and the skills they developed during the process. By doing so, pupils can consider where else these skills will be useful.


The assembly provides an overview of the national results and information about how a government is formed. Slides are also provided for you to enter the details of your own school’s results and your constituency’s results, if you would like.

Shorter Activities:

  • Contacting Your New Representative:

This activity, suitable for form time or English lessons, allows pupils to consider how to contact their new representative depending on their message. By participating in this activity, pupils will develop their information literacy skills and appreciate the importance of a constituency MP in their lives.

  • What Do the Results Tell Us?

This activity, suitable for form time or maths lessons, uses national and local results to address figures like voter turnout, number of votes cast, and percentage of votes won in the constituency and nation. Discussions can then explore how these figures connect to democracy.