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Refugee Week Lessons

The 20th June marks UN World Refugee Day, which falls in Refugee Week here in the UK (14th - 21 June).  The theme for Refugee Week this year is "We cannot walk alone". We have worked with teachers to develop two lesson plans, pupil resource sheets and teaching notes to support your teaching.

Download the lessons, teaching notes and resources below:

The Association for Citizenship Teaching is pleased to announce our collaboration with Votes for Schools to provide a range of lessons and teaching resources to support teaching in citizenship and encourage pupils to consider what actions are needed to address the issues affecting refugees and migrants.

Each lesson is provided with notes for teaching. We encourage teachers to review the materials first and ensure they consider the issues this topic raises in the context of the pupils in their school and any sensitivities this raises. Guidance is included at the start of each lesson to support teachers with teaching senstive issues.

Votes for Schools have provided a wider package of support for teachers:

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