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Resources to help you explain all about Citizenship

It can be very challenging to explain to colleagues and others what Citizenship is all about. In fact some head teachers and subject colleagues still believe that Citizenship was axed in the curriculum review. It was not. Citizenship is part of the KS3 and 4 national curriculum and the GCSE remains, as does the A Level. In order to help with clarity, ACT has produced some new style posters that can be downloaded and displayed in the classroom or staff room or used at governors meetings. We think that they are best used with senior leaders, parents or at school CPD to highlight approaches to high quality Citizenship in secondary schools and also to ensure that there is clear understanding about the subject. They will help Citizenship teachers with in discussions about the importance, relevance and opportunities that high quality Citizenship can bring to schools. The posters can be downloaded and printed, ideally at A2 or A1 size so that they have maximum impact.

  • What is Citizenship is a poster that will help articulate what Citizenship is and how it can work in school

  • Citizenship's role in school is a poster to highlight how Citizenship supports successful schools

  • Outstanding Citizenship illustrates what you might see in a school where Citizenship is embedded in the curriculum, the culture of the school and its links with the wider community

  • The Citizenship curriculum in action shows the range of activities that a high quality Citizenship curriculum can enable and is a useful planning document

  • Citizenship Action exemplifies high quality active citizenship opportunities across the school

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