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Rock Enrol: Updated voter registration and elections teaching materials

With the renewed interest in registration, elections and voting, there has never been a better time to engage young people in the democratic process, encourage them to be active citizens and register to vote. The Rock Enrol!® resource pack creates that opportunity by using fun, interactive activities.

The sessions aim to develop political literacy and inspire young people to engage in democratic debate. They encourage young people to discuss what they care about and why they should register to vote. They use games and activities to get students discussing important issues, whether local or global. There is also an opportunity for students to make their voices heard by registering to vote.

What does Rock Enrol!® include?

The resource pack includes:

  • a core 45-minute lesson plan (session 1) with 3 additional lesson plans with more activities (sessions 2-4)
  • supporting audio visual material
  • supporting guidance including a version for those students with a learning difficulty
  • lesson hand-out
  • publicity materials (poster and flyer) for running Rock Enrol!® sessions in your school, college or youth group
  • Welsh versions of the Rock Enrol!® resource pack – core 45-minute lesson plan (session 1) with three additional lesson plans (sessions 2-4), supporting guidance and publicity flyer 
  • The resources provide fresh ideas or innovative ways to engage young people. They are flexible and can be tailored to suit different groups and settings. Rock Enrol!® sessions are aimed at students aged 16+ but can be used for younger age groups without the registration element. The sessions are particularly useful for supporting the revised Citizenship curriculum’s statutory requirements to help pupils learn how citizens actively participate in the UK’s democratic system and think critically and debate political questions and with students of GCSE citizenship studies. At post 16 the materials can be used within tutorial programmes in colleges and school sixth forms and as part of units of work on personal and social development for foundation learners. The resources below include a version of the teachers pack in Welsh and an adapated version suitable for those with a learning difficulty.

    1. Teachers resources pack

    2. Teachers supporting guidance

    3. A3 poster

    4. Classroom flyer

    5. Lesson handout

    6. Adapted SEND version of Rock Enrol! lesson for young people with a learning disability

    7. Adapated SEND version of teachers guidance

    There is in addition a Welsh version of the Rock Enrol pack

    1. Rock Enrol in Welsh




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