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Sustainable Citizenship Lessons

Developed by ACT Ambassadors in celebration of ACT’s 20th anniversary year, and for the Sustainable Citizenship Conference, these lessons link to the theme of sustainability and holding government to account and are part of a full unit work on sustainable citizenship

The lessons are pitched for key stage 3 and 4 but are adaptable. 

How sustainable is our future? 

This lessons aims to introduce pupils to the concept of sustainability. They will gain an understanding of the context of the Sustainable Development Goals as well as learn what was included in the 15 year plan set out by the UN. A range of changemakers are considered to identify how the development goals can be met whilst considering pupils' personal responsibility in being accountable, active citizens. 

 Lesson plan l slides l card sort l case studies l First News debate

How are Bills debated in parliament? (2 part lesson)

In this lesson, students are introduced to the skills needed for debate before taking part in a model second reading debate in the House of Lords. They will review contributions made at the second reading of Lord Knight's Education (Environment and Sustainable Citizenship) Bill before considering their position and deciding if they would vote for or against movement of the Bill.

Lesson plans l 4a slides l 4b slides l Lord Knights readingBill pdf l card sort l role play cards l passage of a bill worksheet l scrutinise the Peers worksheet

Active citizenship for sustainability issues

This lessons allows pupils to explore what young climate changemakers and campaigners currently do to create positive change. By analysing the examples of individuals involved in different campaigns and actions pupils will develop an understanding of the different forms responsible active Citizenship they can take forward with them into adulthood. 

Lesson plan l slides l case study worksheet


Sustainable citizenship unit of work

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The full unit of work allows pupils to explore the connections between core citizenship concepts and the issues of climate change, global warming and the need to build a more sustainable way of life, which is cited by young people as being a priority. Across the unit, pupils will develop an understanding of how responsible action can hold hold representatives to account, the role Britain has in working with other countries to ensure that sustainability goals are met, and take action on the climate crisis

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