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Teacher Fact Sheets

These resources are for teachers, particularly non specialists, tutors and heads of year, who would like to learn or refresh knowledge around recent news stories or international themed days.

The aim is to provide a brief outline of the issues without needing further research, giving tutors confidence to discuss topics that are sensitive and controversial and deal with matters impartially. 

Find useful links, activity suggestions and further reading. All links to further materials have been recommended by expert teachers at ACT.


Russian Invasion of Ukraine

This resource gives an overview of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the humanitarian impact. You will find links to the curriculum and useful information around media literacy which will help you support students to follow an unfolding event in the news. 

View fact sheet here



This resource gives an overview of the tragic events of 9/11 and looks at some of the impact and connections to our lives today. Find links to the curriculum and useful resources to explore further.

View fact sheet here


The Afghanistan war

This resource is for teachers, particularly non specialists, who would like to learn about the Afghanistan war, the recent withdrawal of US and UK troops, and Taliban control. As well as the recent Afghanistan history, you will find a glossary of key terms and useful links to videos and resources that can support further learning linked to key citizenship concepts. 

View fact sheet here


Teaching sensitive and controversial issues

A note about Teaching controversial and sensitive issues - When teaching citizenship, you will naturally cover topics that are classified as controversial. Controversial issues are those about which individuals and groups disagree and hold strong opinions, issues that can divide society and arouse strong feelings and/or deal with fundamental questions of value and belief – for example, war, immigration, abortion, gay rights. While some teachers may feel anxious about introducing them, such social and political issues are central to effective citizenship teaching. Advice on teaching sensitive and controversial issues can be found here: How to teach sensitive and controversial issues


Taking action as a class or school community

Active citizenship is a teaching approach that uses active learning to equip pupils to take informed and responsible action aimed at making a positive difference in their communities. Active learning is a technique or set of approaches designed to encourage pupils to be actively engaged as they plan, undertake and reflect on their learning. For advice on taking action in your school community click here: Teaching Citizenship Journal: Active Citizenship and Social Action


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