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Teaching Democracy - compulsory voting?

The resources comes with ready to use pupil resource sheets, to introduce pupils to some of the key characteristics of democracy using a balloon debate activity. It can be adapted for use with key stage 3 and 4 pupils who are just begining to learn about the concept of democracy or for those who have been studying democracy as a way to check understanding of the key ideas. 

Teaching Democracy - Compulsory voting? is a lesson and pupils' resources designed for use in secondary schools. 

Teaching about democracy is a key part of effective Citizenship education and a requirement of the National Curriculum for Citizenship. Teachers are being asked to promote the values underpinning democracy and this seems like a reasonable expectation in a democratic society. One issue to explore with pupils are concerns about citizen participation in democracy. Some say democracy is dying through a lack of participation, others say there has been a recent Youthquake and rise in participation especially by younger voters. Some nations already have compulsory voting - is this an answer to participation or an infringement of the right to choose participation or not?

The lesson is presented as a PowerPoint and resource sheets. The VCOP sheets are scaffolding support for vocabulary, connectives, openings and punctuation at different levels and allow the teacher to provide the best fit card sort and support for pupils.

The purpose of the activity is to garner opinions and points of view on compulsory voting, looking at identifying arguments in support or against and enabling pupils to evaluate peer thoughts on whether voting should be compulsory.

Information on compulsory voting can be found from a broad range of sources. This link provides information on sanctions imposed for those who refuse to vote whilst this BBC clip provides electors opinions in Australia on compulsory voting

These materials have been written by Helen Blachford at Priory School.

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