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'Under Pressure - How Pressure Groups operate' published by CND Peace Education

'Under Pressure - How Pressure Groups Operate' by CND Peace Education has been awarded the ACT Quality Mark for Citizenship Education Resources. It offers a range of practical teaching and learning activities that explore power, influence and campaigning. Pupils will explore the way pressure groups function and how they can take action with others themselves to make a difference through designing their own campaign.

The resource is designed to complement the National Curriculum for Citizenship at key stages and 3 and 4.

This resource has been awarded the ACT Quality Mark for Citizenship Teaching Resources. The ACT assessment panel said,

"'Under Pressure - How Pressure Groups Operate' is a useful resource for citizenship teachers. It provides a range of activities that promote understanding of the role of pressure group in democratic societies. The activities are designed to help pupils develop an interest in taking responsible citizenship action themselves."

The resource is available to download free of charge from CND.

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