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What happens to the media during elections? Lesson 5 of 6

Key stage 4 (ages 14-16) • Politics, Parliament & Government • Core Curriculum

This lesson is part 5 of a sequence of 6 lessons addressing the key enquiry: How can we become the future political leaders?

In this lesson, the fifth in the sequence, students will explore what happens to the media during elections. Students will learn about the regulations and laws that govern political parties and the role of the media in a democratic society. To develop studentsʼ media literacy, students will examine how newspapers can influence as well as inform the electorate by looking at how the run up to the EU Referendum was reported on.

Three questions frame the lesson:

  • How does the media operate during election time?
  • How important is the mediaʼs role in informing the electorate?
  • Should newspapers be fair and balanced?
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