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Children's rights & responsibilities

Human Rights Teaching Resources - spotlight

Marking Human Rights Day on December 10th is an excellent opportunity to highlight this area of the curriculum, as well as helping students understand how they can develop their active citizenship skills by advocating for the protection of human rights across the globe.

Below are some resources you can use to help teach this important day:

ACT Journals

Each journal has articles, lesson ideas and advice on classroom practice.

Edition 46 on Human Rights 

ACT Citizenship CPD - Module C Children's Rights (Primary)

The purpose of this training module is to find out about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Rights Respecting School Award and how children’s learning about their rights is integral to citizenship education within a whole school context. This module can be downloaded here. CHILDREN'S RIGHTS

Children's Rights Alliance

A comprehensive website of information, links and resources to support the teaching of rights from The Children's Rights Alliance.

The Children's Rights Alliance work to:



This manual has been designed for teachers who are looking for tools to teach children's rights to students at primary schools.

The features of this manual include:

- Nine small projects of four lessons each, for students in their first nine years of school.

- Detailed lesson instructions that can be followed by beginners or used in teacher training.

- A lesson plan including the key questions and key tasks in each at the beginning of each project description.

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