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Community action

Uncivil Authorities - young people and civic participation on and offline

Do the growing number of opportunities for young people to civically engage online have an impact on their engagement beyond the web? Shakuntala Banaji outlines the findings of a cross-European research project and highlights some of the implications for Citizenship teachers.

First News ACTive Citizenship Award Scheme Teacher and Pupil Toolkits

The First News ACTive Citizenship Award Scheme provides: An award scheme to celebrate and acknowledge positive changes children are making in their communities; A toolkit to support, engage and empower children to become change makers, and to lead action on real issues they are concerned and passionate about; and curriculum guidance for teachers; A media platform, through First News, for children to report and share the changes they are making. Get your teacher and pupil toolkits.

London Bombings

Liam Taylor, teacher, examines the development and motivation of a new resource teaching about the 7/7 bombings. This will be helpful when teaching around the topic of terrorism.

NCS Make it Happen Social Action Toolkit

The ‘Make it Happen!’ Social Action Toolkit is designed for use by learners with activities and tips for organising successful social action undertaken as part of their citizenship curriculum.

NCS Key Stage 4 Curriculum Activities

The Key Stage 4 curriculum activities aim to develop citizenship knowledge and skills, and promote understanding of National Citizen Service (NCS).

NCS Key Stage 3 Curriculum Activities

The Key Stage 3 curriculum activities aim to develop citizenship knowledge and skills, and promote understanding of National Citizen Service (NCS).

NCS Teaching Guide

The Teaching Guide is part of a set of materials written and developed by ACT in partnership with NCS trust. Download here (pdf)

ACT Citizenship CPD - Module 13 Volunteering, community partnerships and citizenship

The purpose of this training session is to clarify the distinctions between volunteering and citizenship, showing how citizenship and volunteering by young people can be enhanced by the support of adult volunteers and through community partnerships.

Local Active Citizens

This unit focuses on the children identifying how Tadley will change in the future and understanding their role as active citizens of Tadley.

A lesson from Y4 teachers at Tadley School in Hampshire

Learning Outside The Classroom

Learning outside the classroom is an essential element of citizenship education since pupils are expected to engage with their local community and develop knowledge and awareness of the wider world. Citizenship was never intended to be taught exclusively within the classroom. This download from the Council for Subject Associations has suggestions on how to get your students engaged out of the classroom.

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