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Exploring values & attitudes

Deliberative Classroom: Religious Freedom

The resources in the first Deliberative Classroom pack focus on the topic of Religious Freedom.

Immigration and protest - a case study of Dover in 2016 - the ACT Building Resilience Project

Immigration and protest - a case study of Dover in 2016

Zoe Baker, Citizenship Teacher, led work on The ACT Building Resilience Project at The Towers School and Sixth Form in Ashford, Kent.

Gender Politics at the National Portrait Gallery

There are good opportunities to explore Gender Politics at the National Portrait Gallery at the moment. Leaving the sumptuous Vogue exhibition aside for the moment, hurry to the second floor for the superb one room exhibition Exposed: The Naked Portrait.

Simply displayed, the exhibition makes its point - bodies come in all shapes and sizes and beauty has no relation to age and size!

Artist and Empire: Facing Britain’s Colonial Past - exhibition review

Museum and Gallery Reviews by Gavin Baldwin

Gavin is Programme Leader for the citizenship PGCE at Middlesex University and an experienced teacher of history and citizenship. He is a long standing member of ACT and joined the Council in 2010. Gavin became co-editor of the ACT journal 'Teaching Citizenship'  in 2012.

The Global Learning Programme and Citizenship

ACT has been developing a range of activities, advice and guidance to support the Global Learning Programme (GLP), which is a national initiative funded by DfID. The ACT materials include a poster that can be downloaded, enlarged and displayed in the staff room or classroom to promote the GLP and Citizenship, documents to use with senior leaders, parents  and governors and planning documents for teachers in Key Stages 2 and 3. The downloads include:

ACT Citizenship CPD - Module 9 Teaching about controversial issues

This module explores what makes an issue controversial. It supports participants by providing tools and information needed in order to teach about controversial issues in an effective and engaging way.You can download this module here. TEACHING ABOUT CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES

ACT have developed a range of CPD modules to support the training and development of all those engaged in teaching citizenship. Each module has the same structure with:

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