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Sustainable development

Issue 54 Article: Sustainability in the Citizenship Classroom

In this free article, from the Teaching Citizenship journal, written by ACT Ambassador, Sera Shortland, the role of sustainability within the citizenship classroom is considered as a new bill makes its way through the House of Lords. Proposed by the Right Honourable Sir Jim Knight, the Education (Environment and Sustainable Citizenship) Bill seeks to place learning about climate change and sustainability within the citizenship programme of study.

Sustainable Citizenship Conference Resources

3-5 November, 2021

Find the resources for the conference held with UK Parliament Education below. 

You can access the sustainability lessons here

Teaching workshops at the Sustainable Citizenship Conference

We'll be touching on the themes of sustainability, lawmaking, and active citizenship as the 3-day conference progresses. Attendees will reflect on the role of Citizenship education to teach young people effective ways to influence government and others with power to make the changes that will impact their future. 

A topical activity on drones linking Citizenship and Global Learning

Have a look at our new Drones activity. It is available for FREE download and is highly topical. New concerns about drone technology are reported daily in news media and the topics strongly links global matters with the domestic in Citizenship.



CITIZENSHIP: USING THE EVIDENCE OF THE HISTORIC ENVIRONMENT – A TEACHER’S GUIDE   written by members of the English Heritage Education Team, 2004, English Heritage, ISBN 1 – 85074-857-8

is an imaginative, well thought-out cross curricular resource. It starts with local history, which is relevant in the Foundation Stage and part of both KS1 and 2 primary history PoS, and demonstrates citizenship education working from the past to the present and into the future.

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