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21st Oct 2021 1:39pm News

Teaching workshops at the Sustainable Citizenship Conference

Our 3-part conference running over consecutive days will explore Citizenship education's role in creating a more sustainable future.

Climate Crisis: Does Citizenship education hold the key?

4:00 – 5:15pm on 3rd, 4th & 5th November 2021 – on Zoom

We’ll be touching on the themes of sustainability, lawmaking, and active citizenship as the 3-day conference progresses. Attendees will reflect on the role of Citizenship education to teach young people effective ways to influence government and others with power to make the changes that will impact their future.

ACT Ambassador teachers will be delivering practical sessions around embedding these themes in your teaching with accompanying resources. Find out more below.

Teaching workshop: How can you introduce sustainability and environmental issues within Citizenship education?

Terri Barry, ACT Ambassador, Brockhill Park Performing Arts College

The Education Bill on sustainable citizenship, proposed by Lord Knight, looks to introduce compulsory climate change education within Citizenship. This teaching session aims to highlight where teachers may already be embedding sustainability and environmental issues within the curriculum, and how teachers could approach key topics such as the UN sustainable development goals.

Attendee resources: Lesson plan, slides and card sort on ‘How sustainable is our future?’

Teaching workshop: How to facilitate sustainability debates in the classroom using lawmaking

Sera Shortland, ACT and UK Parliament Teacher Ambassador, New College Leicester

Part of the national curriculum aims to develop pupil knowledge of democracy, lawmaking and an understanding of how Bills pass through UK Parliament. This teacher workshop on facilitating debates using lawmaking will use the Education Bill as a case study to teach pupils about parliamentary democracy and the processes involved. What better way to engage students with lawmaking than teaching them about a current Bill that could impact their school experiences and future.

Sera gives practical ways to introduce a private members Bill and shows us how to use the second reading debate model.

Attendee resources: Lesson plans, slides and card sort on ‘What is a private members’ Bill?’ and ‘How are Bills debated in Parliament?’

Teaching workshop: How can you facilitate active citizenship projects on sustainability issues?

Ayla Malik, ACT Ambassador, Leeds City Academy

Citizenship education teaches young people about the most effective ways to influence government and those with power to make changes which impact their lives. Environmental issues are at the forefront of young people’s minds meaning active citizenship projects are a compelling opportunity to harness their engagement and help them understand the power of agency.

Learn how to empower pupils to take positive action in this teaching session. Ayla will give teachers ideas to facilitate in the classroom to help young people take effective action against climate change.

Attendee resources: Lesson plan and slides on ‘Taking action on sustainability’.

Browse the conference agenda here. To register for the conference and receive the lesson resources developed by experienced ACT Ambassador teachers, register on the events page.