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GCSE Citizenship Studies 2020 and latest from Ofqual

GCSE exam results are out today (20 August) and following a change in policy are based on teacher assessments (centre assessed grades). Almost 22,000 students achieved the GCSE in Citizenship Studies this summer an 11% increase on last year. This is the third consequtive increase in candidate numbers for the subject. 

Citizenship Matters Briefing for Senior Leaders

This short briefing provided by the Association for Citizenship Teaching provides senior leaders in schools with key information about Citizenship, its status in the curriculum and the new Ofsted inspection framework for schools. It sets out the requirements upon all schools to make provision for Citizenship, and how the subject relates to other important national policies.

'First Give Programme' for social action published by First Give

'First Give Programme', published by First Give, has been awarded the ACT Quality Mark for Citizenship Teaching Resources.

GCSE Citizenship Studies TeachMeets - run by experienced Citizenship teachers

Our council of teachers recently discussed the support needed by those teaching the new specification for GCSE Citizenship Studies.

Some of our experienced teacher members are going to run GCSE Citizenship Studies teachmeets. The first will be in London in early December 2017 and we hope to run a number of them in various locations.

If you are interested in attending one, please complete this short form to let us know a few key details, namely:

General Election Teaching Resources

The ACT Topic Guide on The Electoral System and Political Parties includes an overview of key concepts to address together with practical teaching suggestions and links to resources from Parliament Education Service, the Hansard Society, Bite the Ballot and the English Speaking Union.

Students celebrate and teachers speak proudly about their 2016 GCSE Citizenship Studies success

Congratulations to the 24,000 students who achieved their GCSEs in Citizenship Studies today (25 August 2016), and to their teachers of course.

A total of 18,720 candidates took full course Citizenship Studies and 5059 took the short course this summer, compared with 21,628 and 11,564 in 2015. Citizenship Studies as a proportion of the total number of GCSEs sat has seen just a small decline.

'AQA GCSE (9-1) Citizenship Studies' published by Hodder Education

'AQA GCSE (9-1) Citizenship Studies' published by Hodder Education has been awarded the ACT Quality Mark for Citizenship Teaching Resources.

The book includes:

After the EU referendum – What next? A citizenship lesson

After the EU referendum – What next? is a citizenship lesson to enable students to reflect on the range of issues, questions and concerns they may have relating to the aftermath of the EU referendum (published on TES' Subject Genius Blog for Citizenship).


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