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Citizenship Education for KS3 published by Hodder Education

Citizenship Education for KS3 has been awarded the ACT Quality Mark for Citizenship Teaching Resources. Teach the 2014 Citizenship curriculum with confidence using Citizenship Education for KS3, a single-book course that matches the revised Programme of Study.

A topical activity on drones linking Citizenship and Global Learning

Have a look at our new Drones activity. It is available for FREE download and is highly topical. New concerns about drone technology are reported daily in news media and the topics strongly links global matters with the domestic in Citizenship.

Global Learning through the lens of Citizenship at Key Stage 3: A framework for exploring the use of drones

This resource explores the use of drones and killer robot technology in conflict and beyond. It was written by ACT for the Global Learning Programme.  Pupil learn to ask deep questions about automaton technology and consider how law can hold users of drone technology to account. They will consider actions they might take to share their findings and campaign for greater accountability and understanding of drones.

Topical Issues 1 The Scottish referendum and the future of the UK

In the first of a new series of Topical Issues briefings for teachers, ACT offers guidance to help you explore The Scottish referendum and future of the UK.

NC 2014 Resources and materials to support Citizenship - a digest for teachers

This resources digest has been put together by the Expert Group for Citizenship.

The Expert Group for Citizenship comprises teachers and others from the subject community and works together to promote best practice in teaching the revised National Curriculum. The Group is supported by the DFE.

Assessing Citizenship - Example assessment activities for key stage 3

The booklet 'Assessing Citizenship' was developed with teachers by the former organisation the QCA to support effective assessment practice in Citizenship. The booklet was produced in 2006 before level descriptions were created for the subject.

The materials aim to:

Topic Guide 4 - Finance, the economy and money

This Topic Guide on Finance, the economy and money is part of a series of guides produced by ACT to support the revised National Curriculum for Citizenship 2014.

Topic Guide 5 - Justice, the legal system and international law

This topic guide on Justice, the legal system and international law is part of a series of guides produced by ACT to support the revised National Curriculum for Citizenship 2014.


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