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ACT Citizenship CPD - Module 20 Preparing for Inspection

This module looks at the two main ways citizenship can be inspected within schools. It considers how schools can prepare for these inspections as well as the possible outcomes of the survey inspection. You can download the module here.  PREPARING FOR INSPECTION

ACT have developed a range of CPD modules to support the training and development of all those engaged in teaching citizenship. Each module has the same structure with:

ACT Citizenship CPD - Module 21 Making PSHE and Citizenship work together

This training session explains the difference between the two subjects and explores the common ground between them. It goes on to look at ways in which learning could be planned to meet both citizenship and PSHE education objectives. The module can be downloaded here. MAKING PSHE AND CITIZENSHIP WORK TOGETHER

ACT Citizenship CPD - Module 22 Innovative citizenship curriculum design

The purpose of this module is to consider how we can be creative as educators and co-construct with our students new citizenship education learning spaces. The module will provide you with the space to consider a range of different approaches that can be taken to implement citizenship education in engaging, vibrant and relevant ways for our students.

ACT Citizenship CPD - Module 24 Citizenship education and the leadership of schools

This toolkit aims to help school leaders understand how citizenship education can be at the heart of effective and successful schools, raising standards and ensuring the school is at the heart of its community. This module can be downloaded here CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION AND THE LEADERSHIP OF SCHOOLS

ACT Citizenship CPD - Module 25 Cross-Curricular Citizenship

When Citizenship was introduced in 2002, schools were advised to do an audit of where they were already teaching Citizenship. So some schools looked across their curriculum and said, "We do a bit on democracy in History, we develop communication skills in Drama and we have an after school Duke of Edinburgh Club so we do Citizenship!" Unfortunately this illustrates a common misunderstanding of what ‘counts’ as Citizenship. However, Citizenship 'only counts' if Citizenship knowledge, skills and ideally action are planned and taught. This module can be downloaded here.

ACT Citizenship CPD - Module 1 Citizenship

This module considers the challenges that citizenship teachers may face in the quest to deliver compelling learning experiences. It looks at the opportunities available for CPD to meet these challenges and would be particularly useful for non-specialist teachers looking to develop their understanding of citizenship education. This module can be downloaded here. CITIZENSHIP CPD



This resource from Christian Aid is now downloadable from the ACT site. The resource is for key stage 2 and 3 pupils.

Teachers can download the pdf of Christian Aids latest Live Differently! poster and assembly unit for featuring in your next notice-board, or free resources listings.



An active citizenship project that will inspire your students? Boardworks has put together a case studies and FREE stuff for you to use with your KS3 students on a range of issues including Global Learning.


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