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Topical Issues 1 The Scottish referendum and the future of the UK

In the first of a new series of Topical Issues briefings for teachers, ACT offers guidance to help you explore The Scottish referendum and future of the UK.

'First Give Programme' for social action published by First Give

'First Give Programme', published by First Give, has been awarded* the ACT Quality Mark for Citizenship Teaching Resources.

Deliberative Classroom: General Guidance

The Deliberative Classroom General Guidance for teachers explains why schools need to address topical issues in the curriculum as part of their work to build resilience to radicalisation and extremism and develop understanding of democracy and citizenship.

Deliberative Classroom: Religious Freedom

The resources in the first Deliberative Classroom pack focus on the topic of Religious Freedom.

General Election Teaching Resources

The ACT Topic Guide on The Electoral System and Political Parties includes an overview of key concepts to address together with practical teaching suggestions and links to resources from Parliament Education Service, the Hansard Society, Bite the Ballot and the English Speaking Union.

Exploring extremism - the ACT Building Resilience Project

Exploring extremism

Lorellie Canning, Head of Citizenship, led work on The ACT Building Resilience Project at St Bede's & St Joseph’s Catholic College in Bradford.

This project focused on critical thinking, problem solving and enquiry skills, and taking informed and responsible action. It involved five Citizenship lessons with four Year 9 and 10 classes. Pupils explored concepts of extremism and terrorism and the role of the media through critical engagement with real life case studies.

'AQA GCSE (9-1) Citizenship Studies' published by Hodder Education

'AQA GCSE (9-1) Citizenship Studies' published by Hodder Education has been awarded the ACT Quality Mark for Citizenship Teaching Resources.

The book includes:

After the EU referendum – What next? A citizenship lesson

After the EU referendum – What next? is a citizenship lesson to enable students to reflect on the range of issues, questions and concerns they may have relating to the aftermath of the EU referendum (published on TES' Subject Genius Blog for Citizenship).


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