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Identity, Diversity and Citizenship. A Critical Review of Educational Resources (2007)

A report evaluating the educational resources available to support the teaching and exploration of identity, diversity and citizenship.

This report was written by Ted Huddlestone of the Citizenship Foundation following the publication of the independent report on 'Diversity and Citizenship: curriculum review' (2007) for the DfES led by Sir Keith Ajegbo.

Amnesty CPD Teacher Training

Are you a Citizenship teacher with an interest in human rights, equality and justice? Apply for Amnesty International's CPD Programme and become an Amnesty Teacher.

New CPD events

Osiris Educational and ACT have been working together on new teacher training courses, taking place in Birmingham, Manchester and London between November 2013 and March 2014. Find out more about Future of Citizenship -  The New Secondary National Curriculum and Outstanding Citizenship Teaching.

Syria-legal weapons and illegal weapons

As the crisis in Syria continues, much the recent argument between those nations who are concerned about the fighting has been about the moral and legal use of certain weapons. These are complex matters yet of great interest to students. Go to the British Red Cross pages for some really good ideas about discussing these matters.

Don't rush into curriculum changes ACT advises

In an interview with the Guardian newspaper, ACT Professional Officer Chris Waller and ACT Council member Helen Blatchford encouraged tecahers to wait and carefully examine the details of the new citizenship curriculum rather than rush to make changes this academic year. As already posted on this site, ACT has formed an action team to look at the new curriculum and develop advice, guidance and resources to help teachers.

Second draft of the Citizenship Programme of Study published for consultation

The latest iteration of the Citizenship PoS has been published by DfE today. There will be some reflection on this at the ACT National Conference on Tuesday July 9th.  ACT Council encourages all members to take part in the consultation on the revised draft, which will close on August 8th. The citizenship PoS can be found on page 185-7 of this document/sites/

ACT Citizenship CPD - full list of training modules

ACT have developed a range of CPD modules to support the training and development of all those engaged in teaching citizenship. Each module has the same structure with:

ACT Citizenship CPD - Module 2 What is citizenship?

The term ‘Citizenship’ means different things, to different people, in different contexts. Citizenship education is therefore often misunderstood. This training session outlines these different interpretations, and clarifies what Citizenship is really all about. It argues that Citizenship is not just a new subject, but a new kind of subject, and more than a subject. You can download this module here.  WHAT IS CITIZENSHIP?


ACT Citizenhip CPD - Module 3 Role of the subject leader in citizenship

This module will help focus subject leads towards the actions that can help establish their subject within their school, with the pupils, staff and leadership. This module can be downloaded hereROLE OF THE SUBJECT LEADER IN CITIZENSHIP


ACT Citizenship CPD - Module 4 Governors and citizenship

The purpose of this training session is to clarify what Citizenship education is and is not and enables Governors to evaluate their school experience against this. The work also explores the aspirations of Citizenship education and reflects on the notion of the Citizenship-rich school. This module can be downloaded here.  GOVERNORS AND CITIZENSHIP



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