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New for Autumn 2018

We are pleased to offer new twilight and Saturday training sessions for Autumn 2018.

GCSE Citizenship Studies 2018-19
The first examination of the new GCSEs in Citizenship Studies took place in the summer of 2018 and highlighted the need for new approaches to the qualification. This session will support teachers with planning and teaching GCSE content and preparing pupils for examination. A chance to share experiences and work alongside experienced GCSE teachers. Details of second session coming soon

Teaching about EU, Europe and Brexit
The complexity of the issues surrounding the EU, Europe and Brexit continue to challenge teachers. Explicit teaching about the EU is a requirement of the new GCSEs in Citizenship Studies and the KS4 Citizenship curriculum. Develope knowledge and understanding about the EU and its institutions and the issues raised by Brexit. New resources alongside approaches teachers can take to enliven debate and improve pupil understanding about the topic will be shared.

Critical media literacy in the context of teaching topical, controversial and sensitive issues
Teachers recognise the need to be careful about the use of language when discussing 'fake news' with pupils and explore how ‘fake’ is defined. By critically engaging with the role of the media in a democracy and sources of news, pupils develop knowledge and skills for questioning and interrogation. This training will be especially useful for teachers considering ways to support aspects of SMSC and FBV and will provide practical ideas and lesson techniques.

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