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22nd Sep 2022 1:41am News

Welcome to the new ACT website!

Welcome to our new home! Take a look at the fantastic new features available to members.

Welcome to the new ACT website!

We are immensely proud to welcome you to our new website. After many months of development, the new website is up and running! Whether you are a long-term member, or a prospective member, you’ll notice that our new website offers a much broader range of support on a modern, inviting platform, suited to your individual needs.

ACT staff team at Teaching Awards

What's new?

Since August 2021, ACT's new team have been busy creating an updated brand and a fresh website. But what you'll find is more than a dynamic user experience and search facility! So let's take a look at the key ways we'll be able to better support you throughout the year ahead.

  • Full CPD programme: Designed with the latest research in mind, our newly conceived training strands will carefully build your professional development.
  • Model curriculum: Access our sequenced, quality assured Citizenship lesson plans and editable slides that exceed the National Curriculum requirements.
  • Support materials: We've updated 100+ teaching and guidance documents to support everyone from school leaders to trainee teachers.
  • Member dashboard: Save and access your favourite events and resources. You can also add colleagues to your organisation profile.
  • National Citizenship Education Survey: Assess your school's provision with this free tool designed to help schools embed best practice and provide insights of the national picture.
  • More to come: Later this year we'll be adding more lessons, introducing online courses and a revamped toolkit to support active citizenship.
Start exploring the site!

“Today marks a significant step forward for the Association for Citizenship Teaching. It also represents a seismic shift in the way that we can support schools and colleges to deliver robust and engaging Citizenship lessons. Coupled with our new CPD programme offer, I hope that school and subject leaders grasp this opportunity to get involved. Together, we can give every young person in the country education for effective citizenship.”

Liz Moorse Chief Executive

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