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ACT's mission and governance

ACT’s mission 

The Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT) is an education charity and membership association that was established in 2001. We work to transform the lives of children and young people through high quality Citizenship education. We do this by providing expert advice, training and support to teachers in developing high quality curriculum and teaching in schools and colleges across the UK.

“Our vision is for all young people to be active, informed citizens, equipped through effective Citizenship Education with the knowledge, skills and experience to participate in and shape a strong and vibrant democracy based on equality, fairness and justice.”

ACT's Strategic Plan for 2018-23 has been developed by ACT Trustees, our Council, members and stakeholders.The overall goals of the plan are focused on four strategic priorities to:

  • build capacity so that more teachers become knowledgeable, confident teachers of Citizenship
  • support and improve the quality of Citizenship provision in more schools and colleges
  • increase the pool of Citizenship education expertise; and
  • secure greater public understanding and policy support for Citizenship education.

ACT's governing document  (also called the Constitution) sets out our core objectives are:

  • for the public benefit to support and promote the teaching of Citizenship
  • to promote research into, and the study of, the full and effective participation of 
citizens, especially young people, in society and to publish the results thereof. 


The Board of Trustees, ACT Council and Staff work together to ensure the charity delivers its objectives and comply with legal and financial requirements. ACT Trustees and Council members are volunteers. 


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