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Call for teachers to attend paid Citizenship research group

ACT Research

Citizenship education has a unique role on the National Curriculum as it teaches about life beyond the school gates. It demonstrates the life skills required to navigate laws, democratically participate, understand the economy and tackle injustice. A good grounding in Citizenship education may produce a more tolerant, cohesive and connected society. 

For more than two decades, ACT has been promoting citizenship education in schools across the UK. Our goal is to ensure every child in every school receives high quality citizenship education so they can play an active part in developing a more inclusive and fair democratic society. 

To influence change in the classroom, and at a national level, we are committed to research-informed best practice when producing our learning materials, CPD events and policy recommendations.


National Citizenship Education Study

ACT is committed to research-informed best practice

ACT is working with Middlesex University on an innovative national research project to evaluate the impact of Citizenship education in schools. This will allow us to identify and promote best practice going forward, and it will help participating schools to evaluate their own Citizenship and Personal Development provision.

To find out more about The National Citizenship Education Study follow the link below.

Young people and citizenship education

Young people and citizenship education: The impact of studying for the GCSE Citizenship Studies on young people’s democratic engagement and participation

This project has been commissioned by the Association for Citizenship Teaching, and includes an academic team led by Professor Matt Henn (Nottingham Trent University), who is working alongside  Professor James Sloam from the Royal Holloway, University of London and Dr Ana Nunes, also from Nottingham Trent University.

Our aim is to conduct research with a diverse sample of 16-18-year-olds through an online questionnaire survey which can be accessed at: Working with schools and colleges across the UK, we will record a broad and diverse range of young people’s voices across the country. But hurry, as the survey closes on 30th June.

To find out more about the study follow the link below.

More about our research work

One of ACT’s objectives is to promote research into citizenship education. Below, we share some of our own research projects, alongside some other resources that may be of interest to Citizenship teachers.