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Quality Standard for Citizenship

How can the Quality Standard help improve your Citizenship education provision?

ACT Quality Standard

The Quality Standard award has been developed by the Association for Citizenship Teaching to support the development of high quality Citizenship teaching and learning.  The Quality Standard process reflects ACT’s 9 principles of effective Citizenship and is aligned with National Curriculum requirements and the Ofsted Inspection framework. The process enables you to access specialist mentoring to help you provide outstanding Citizenship in your school. It will also support your Spiritual Moral Social Cultural (SMSC) provision, personal development and the promotion of the DfE British Values.

Throughout the ACT Quality Standard process, an institution will continue to develop agreed targets to ensure progression. 

Participating schools and colleges will:

  • Evaluate your strategic development of Citizenship education
  • Develop priority areas from your Citizenship Improvement Action Plan
  • Gain public recognition for the work you are doing in Citizenship, especially in active participation
  • Access professional development support.

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The ACT Quality Standard has been a fantastic way of measuring the progress of the department and setting targets for future developments. It has highlighted for me the depth and breadth of subjects leading in this area.

St Alban's Catholic High School
ACT Quality Standard Award recipient

The Quality Standard has helped us to identify our current strengths and development areas, and to focus our actions to improve the quality of Citizenship teaching and experiences for students across the school. It has been a really useful tool for us.

Chalfonts Community College
ACT Quality Standard Award recipient

This ACT Quality Standard provides a sense of achievement and a recognition for Citizenship as a core subject.  It allowed our department to see where we shine and where we could shine. The support from the ACT team has been incredible.

The Appleton School
ACT Quality Standard Award recipient