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Political & international impact

For twenty years, the Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT) has been working to support those teaching Citizenship education. It’s campaigned for government investment in Citizenship education and sought to shape the national curriculum for improved outcomes for young people and society. This has involved working with practitioners in the classroom, policy makers in Whitehall and others with a vested interest in education for effective Citizenship.

Since the Crick Report in 1998, our Chief Executive, Liz Moorse, has played a significant personal role in maintaining the position of Citizenship, having worked closely with government ministers and presented evidence to select committees.

Global reach

ACT’s reach extends beyond the UK. Over the last ten years it has worked with partner organisations, governments and universities around the world. Its aim has been to increase the awareness of Citizenship, and ensure it is being taught to the highest standards. Recent examples of our global reach include field trips to the United States, arranged by the United States Embassy in London, meetings at the Council of Europe as well as exchange visits with colleagues in Japan and the Republic of Korea.

Students discussing political issues around table

Teachers & Organisations

Supporting schools to prepare pupils

Over the past two decades, ACT has worked with thousands of Citizenship teachers. This has been with the goal of supporting them in their work and ensuring that Citizenship education is taught well and in as many schools as possible.

To do this, we run an extensive CPD programme each year. This provides critical knowledge for teachers, but importantly, also gives teachers a chance to share their knowledge and skills with other teachers.

In addition to CPD events, we also run a range of major events throughout the year. Events include our flagship annual conference and events with major partners, such as UK Parliament Education. Such events give teachers a chance to interact directly with policymakers and further the cause of Citizenship.