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ACTive Citizenship Award Scheme

Following our first successful year in 2019, ACT in association with First News, is running the ACTive Citizenship Award Scheme again this year.

We recently hosted a CPD webinar to support schools getting started. If you are interested in a future webinar please sign up for the Active Citizenship Planning and Teaching webinar here


While the epidemic means schools are closed, there are still ways of undertaking meaningful action projects safely. Schools tell us they are looking for alternative forms of learning to help motivate their pupils at this difficult time. Take a look at our distance learning resources for more ideas.

Example of ACTive citizenship in lockdown:

Here is a great example from one of our ACT Ambassadors, Steven, whose classes have been doing Active citizenship projects in lockdown. 

Whilst in lockdown, his Year 9 classes completed an awareness raising form of Social Action.

Angelic Trouble makers is a mix of articles, podcasts and animations on an array of social issues.

Please do take a look, read, listen and watch on their Wordpress blog.



The First News ACTive Citizenship Award Scheme 

  • An award scheme to celebrate and acknowledge positive social changes children are making in their communities through active citizenship 
  • A toolkit to support, engage and empower children to become change makers, and to lead action on real issues they are concerned and passionate about; and curriculum guidance for teachers
  • A news report for First News, so pupils can report and share the changes they are making

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What is ACTive citizenship?
Active citizenship is a process to involve pupils in learning how to take part in democracy and use their Citizenship knowledge, skills and understanding to work together in trying to make a positive difference in the world around them.

How do schools take part in the Award?
The awards are based around three areas: learning, school culture and community.

To achieve an award, pupils design, develop, undertake and report on an active citizenship project within one of these areas – the project can be on any issue that they care strongly about and want to challenge, change or improve.

Pupils achieve an award for each project they do; if they achieve awards for all three areas, they and their school will be recognised with an ACTive Citizenship Ambassador award.

“At ACT we are very excited about collaborating with First News to develop the First News ACTive Citizenship Awards. Our ambition is that through high quality Citizenship education in the curriculum, every child will develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to make sense of the world around them, to have a say in decisions that affect them and to play a full part in our democracy as active and responsible citizens, now and in the future.

This Award is designed to support teachers and children in taking positive action on a range of issues which they choose and they really care about. The best Citizenship education empowers children and enables them to really understand and experience what it means to be an active citizen who is prepared to speak out, challenge inequality and make a positive difference in their communities and the wider world!”

Liz Moorse, Chief Executive, Association for Citizenship Teaching

“Every week in First News, we report both on issues that will affect the future for young people and on the amazing actions children around the UK are currently contributing to their community – locally, nationally and globally. We are launching the First News ACTive Citizenship Awards as we feel it is timely to promote and celebrate young people’s ability to make positive changes in the world they are growing up in. With our partnership with ACT, we also want to recognise the very important contribution schools currently make, and to help more teachers to develop and value this vital aspect of the curriculum.

We feel it is essential that the voice of young people in our society is heard, and that we support the next generation to understand the role of a free press in democracy by reporting accurately on the issues that our local and global communities are facing. We look forward to reporting the news stories of the changes that pupils make, on issues that matter to them, as they achieve their ACTive Citizenship Awards.”

 Nicky Cox MBE, Founder and Editor in Chief, First News

“It is really important that children make links between their learning and the real world and active citizenship is a fantastic way of achieving this. This Award is a brilliant opportunity to help children understand the relevance of citizenship to their daily lives. The focus on taking action in relation to issues in their school and wider community, and sparked by what they are learning is really exciting."

Marcus Bhargava, Head of School of Education, Kingston University
Amit Puni, Senior Lecturer in Education, Kingston University


“When can I start? I want to be the first Ambassador!”

Dhari, age 9

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