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10th Nov 2022 7:07am Opportunities

Invitation to join new research in to Active Citizenship in Schools

Secondary schools in England are invited to participate in groundbreaking new study into Citizenship education outcomes

New schools guidance to support the embedding of active citizenship

Today we are excited to release our first outputs from a four-year research and evaluation programme looking at Active Citizenship in Schools. This programme, funded by the NCS CIC and evaluated by Middlesex University as the research lead, attempts to offer a strategic approach to embed social action and active citizenship within the school curriculum. Furthermore it aims to identify models and practices that ensure pupils engage in, and benefit from, citizenship education in a sustained and impactful way.

Insights to benefit the teaching community

The evidence informing these first two summary reports has been analysed following a systematic review of research journals. The research team looked for peer-reviewed academic journal articles which were concerned with evaluating the impact of citizenship education, specifically in relation to active citizenship outcomes. The review included 133 articles from around the world, including 18 randomised control trials and large cohort studies, widely thought to be the most reliable form of evidence available. 

1. The Impact of Citizenship Education: a review of evidence for school leaders 

This summary report provides five core evidence-informed arguments for school leaders to consider in order to support active citizenship outcomes; including political knowledge, efficacy, trust, tolerance and attitudes towards democracy. Download the summary report for full details.

2. Effective Teaching for Active Citizenship: a systematic evidence review

This briefing provides seven considerations for subject leaders and teachers to consider in order to support active citizenship outcomes. Download the summary report for more information.

3. Journeys to Citizenship Education: four case studies

ACT commissioned these four case studies as a way to capture some of the professional wisdom from schools around the country. These detail the kind of practices and decision-making that often go undocumented and have been written to provide inspiration and help you reflect on your own context. Download the case studies here.

Invitation to join the research group

The on-going research and evaluation project includes a student survey, in which any school can participate. This offers you the chance to evaluate the impact of your own provision on a range of citizenship outcomes. Participating schools will receive school-level reports outlining their student responses which can be used as the basis of evidence-informed improvement planning.  

This will include a free online survey to use in the summer term each year to enable your school to engage in development planning that includes data analysis in relation to key aims: knowledge, attitudes, experiences and skills.

Contact us if you would like to be involved: [email protected]