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10th May 2022 2:47pm News

Lyfta supports the Teaching Citizenship Conference

Immersive learning platform, Lyfta, sponsors ACT's national Teaching Citizenship Conference, 2022.

Lyfta supports the Teaching Citizenship Conference

We are pleased to announce Lyfta, the award-winning immersive learning platform for teachers, will be supporting the Teaching Citizenship Conference this year. Encapsulating the event theme of ‘future-proofing your curriculum’, Lyfta will showcase the use of interactive 360° technology to bring human stories to life in the classroom.

We will welcome Lyfta’s Co-founder and CEO, Serdar Ferit, as a guest speaker, to deliver a talk on ‘Nurturing children for our changing world: the power of immersive human stories’. Serdar’s session will explore how diverse immersive stories from around the world provide a powerful and captivating way for schools to nurture cultural capital, character education and social emotional competence, and teach about vital global issues such as sustainability and climate change.

We look forward to hearing more about the academic research behind the platform, and how this can have an impact on your curriculum planning.

Lyfta logo in Blue


Lyfta is an award-winning teaching and learning platform made up of interactive 360° spaces and soundscapes of real homes, workplaces and environments from around the world. Students are invited to explore new places, unlock rich media content, and get to know real people through powerful and inspiring short films.  The 55+ immersive storyworlds and 250+ ready-made, integrated lesson and assembly plans cover a range of important themes such as sustainability, gender equality, active citizenship and human diversity. All content and lessons are linked to, and searchable by, the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The platform provides a captivating way for students to experience human diversity, and for educators to nurture the vital skills and values children will need to thrive in our changing world.

Anyone in a school setting can get started with Lyfta with free instant access to two immersive storyworlds, or join our free training webinar and receive access to the whole platform and resources for 30 days.