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Tax Facts, and Junior Tax Facts by HM Revenue and Customs

Key stage 2 (ages 7-11) • Quality Mark Resources

HMRC has designed ‘Tax Facts’ and ‘Junior Tax Facts’ as an accessible and free resource, to simplify the teaching of how public money is raised and spent. The resource supports different subjects in the curriculum, including Citizenship, PSHE, Business Studies and Mathematics.

The resources comprise:

  • short animations
  • teachers’ notes and detailed lesson plans 
  • group activities and suggestions for discussion
  • numeracy extension activities
  • a quiz and a glossary of tax terms.  


Tax Facts, from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), is a useful, introductory resource to support Citizenship teaching about taxation in the UK. The resource uses animations to explain the mechanics of the UK tax system, the role of HMRC and how this relates to the lives of teenagers aged 14 to 18. Citizenship teachers will want to add critical perspectives about the effects and impacts of the UK tax system to ensure learners engage with and understand different points of view about taxation.

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‘Junior Tax Facts’ is suitable for use with pupils in key stages 2 and ‘Tax Facts’ for pupils in key stage 4.

Junior Tax Facts offer teachers well structured, engaging and accessible teaching resources that address topics on taxation in relation to personal finance and economic education in Citizenship. The animations and visuals help to explain some of the more complicated ideas in a way that is particularly helpful for those teaching 8-11 year olds

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