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Teaching Citizenship - How to teach politics in GCSE Citizenship Studies

Key stage 3 (ages 11-14) • Politics, Parliament & Government • Lesson and support materials

In the ACT Journal, Teaching Citizenship issue 52 Political Literacy revisited, we explore how to teach politics in GCSE Citizenship Studies. The lessons and materials have been developed by ACT teachers and are discussed in the article.

These three lessons were developed by Kelly Allchin of Leeds City Academy. Kelly teaches the Edexcel GCSE Citizenship Studies specification.

  • Lesson – Introducing human rights 
  • Lesson – Human rights and equality
  • Lesson – Human rights and democracy

The long term plan, lesson, retrieval grid and knowledge organiser were developed by Helen Blachford of Priory School. Helen teaches the AQA GCSE Citizenship Studies specification.

  • Long term plan for GCSE Citizenship Studies
  • Lesson – Types of government
  • Island worksheet (for lesson)
  • Knowledge organiser (Politics and participation: types of government)
  • Retrieval grid (Where power resides)
  • Retrieval practice questions

Members can access more useful articles in the the full Teaching Citizenship Journal issue 52.