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Women's Resistance in the UK - British Library and ACT

A Map of Women’s resistance in the UK 

Explore women’s rights with the British Library’s map of women’s resistance in the UK and ACT’s accompanying Citizenship lesson activities.

Lessons are organised into three themes:

- Active citizenship

- Rights

- Representation

We are very excited to announce the launch of new resources from the British Library and ACT. The new resources help you explore stories of women’s lives, rights and activism using a digital map and come with accompanying activities for secondary schools and young people.

The British Library have collated an incredible series of case studies of different women past and present who have played a key part in campaigning for women’s equality. The resource includes a map to help you identify local case studies and draws student’s attention to the stories from a diverse range of women including some you may never have heard of. The resource explores case studies of women who have raised their voices and worked with others to try and make change for themselves and for future generations. 

The new lessons are designed to be used alongside this the British Library resource to develop students research and exploration of primary and secondary sources. The learning activities are divided into three key themes: Active Citizenship, Rights, and Representation. Links are made to the GCSE Citizenship Studies giving students practical examples of how campaigning rights and representation interconnect, and how active citizenship really does make a difference in society.  The learning activities will also support work with Key stage 3 pupils to explore campaigning, rights, representation and active citizenship in more detail. 

There are extra links and opportunities for pupils to take their learning further. The activities are varied and provide opportunities for students to get creative whilst exploring in depth topics such as the right to protest and collective responsibility. The British Library resource provides opportunities for students to explore their locality and consider how women, past and present, have campaigned to make changes to our society. 

Emily Owen – ACT Ambassador Teacher – London 

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