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Key Stage 4 Model Core Citizenship Curriculum - curriculum map and resources

Key stage 4 (ages 14-16) • New to Citizenship • Core Curriculum

Key Stage 4 Citizenship – Curriculum Map

Our model curriculum for key stage 4 is mapped to the Citizenship National Curriculum for England, and ACT’s 9 Principles of Effective Citizenship Education.  The model curriculum is sequenced to take your students through all the required content. Knowledge, understanding and skills taught in key stage 3 are developed and deepened. The model curriculum is designed to promote critical thinking and active learning by using overarching key enquiries as a basis for each scheme. Our model core curriculum resources are only available to School and College members.

Schemes of work

The first schemes of work in the new model curriculum are available with lesson plans, slides and student resources. They are ready to use and adapt to support you in providing rigorous, progressive and engaging teaching.

Teaching key stage 4 citizenship knowledge

Students are taught substantive knowledge on a range of topics including politics, parliament, power and the law. They explore human rights, justice, equality, the economy, communities and the UK’s role in the wider world. They learn to use and apply their knowledge as they develop capacities to be informed, responsible and active citizens.

Teaching key stage 4 citizenship skills

Students will develop the skills to: think critically about complex issues; evaluate sources and weigh up evidence; problem-solving; take part in debates, advocate their viewpoint and sustain arguments;  and take forward different kinds of democratic and responsible action on issues and matters of concern to them.