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19th Jan 2023 10:50am Opportunities

Call for teachers to attend paid research group

Opportunity to join us in London on 18th February for a in-person focus group. Help us build a national picture of Citizenship education.

Be a part of ACT’s exciting national research project. 

Help us build a national picture of citizenship education and assemble the evidence base for what works.

We’re asking Citizenship teachers to join us in-person on Saturday 18th February to participate in our research focus group. The event will be held in central London and all attendees will be paid £175 for their participation. 

Project background

The on-going research and evaluation project is led by Middlesex University, and aims to offer a strategic approach to embed social action and active citizenship within the school curriculum. Furthermore, it aims to identify models and practices that ensure pupils engage in, and benefit from, citizenship education in a sustained and impactful way.

We have designed a teacher survey, which generates an automatic report outlining your key school’s strengths and suggestions for improvement targets. It also generates suggestions for teachers about useful resources and support to meet your specific needs. In our focus group we will ask you to complete the survey and give feedback on the questions. We will also ask you to evaluate the individualised report, to help us ensure the feedback is accurate and helpful. Participants will also share suggestions about the types of support that might be most useful. The teacher survey will form one element of our national evaluation of citizenship and will be launched across the country later in the spring term.

We have already piloted a student survey, which offers you the chance to evaluate the impact of your own provision on a range of Citizenship outcomes. Participating schools will receive school-level reports outlining their student responses which can be used as the basis of evidence-informed improvement planning. This free online survey will be available for use in the summer term each year to enable your school to engage in development planning that includes data analysis in relation to key aims: knowledge, attitudes, experiences and skills.

Next steps

The focus group on February 18th 2023 is an opportunity to trial the survey, evaluate the report and discuss how we might support you. If you would like to be a part of the initial stage of this groundbreaking project please fill in the form below.

Update 1st Feb: the research group is now full.

You can still join our national research study