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Having a Say - Suffrage Citizenship Lessons

The 'Having a Say' Citizenship resources have been developed by ACT with support from the Historical Association, the Cabinet Office and the Government Equalities Office. They form part of a wider set of history and Citizenship resources to celebrate 100 years of votes for women.

Debate lesson plan - voting

Debbie Newman shares some ideas for a practical lesson plan on voting.

Teaching about the role of candidates

Lee Jerome, co-editor of Teaching Citizenship, introduces some candidate interviews which have been produced as classroom resources.

Bringing the general election to life

Holly Greenland and David Carr, from Parliament's Education Service, discuss some of the exciting opportunities to engage your students in Citizenship, Government and Politics.

Geography and the general election

Ron Johnston, Professor of Geography at the University of Bristol, Charles Pattie, Professor of Geography at the University of Sheffield and David Rossiter, who has researched electoral geography in several institutions, outline the
important roles that geography plays in the translation of votes into seats.

The human race at bottom

Philip Cowley, Professor of Parliamentary Government at the University of Nottingham and Rob Ford, Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester, reflect on the foibles of voters and remind us of the human nature of politics and elections. This is helpful for teachers when looking at voter behaviour. 

Teaching Democracy - compulsory voting?

The resources comes with ready to use pupil resource sheets, to introduce pupils to some of the key characteristics of democracy using a balloon debate activity. It can be adapted for use with key stage 3 and 4 pupils who are just begining to learn about the concept of democracy or for those who have been studying democracy as a way to check understanding of the key ideas. 

Teaching Democracy - Compulsory voting? is a lesson and pupils' resources designed for use in secondary schools. 

General Election Teaching Resources

The ACT Topic Guide on The Electoral System and Political Parties includes an overview of key concepts to address together with practical teaching suggestions and links to resources from Parliament Education Service, the Hansard Society, Bite the Ballot and the English Speaking Union.

General Election 2015 - FREE materials for teachers

General Election 2015 - FREE material for teachers

Parliament has been brought to a close and the General Election is just around the corner.

Teaching Citizenship Issue 41 is full of ideas, resources, lesson plans, useful articles and briefings to help you teach about the election. Click here to download a special extract.

GCSE Citizenship Studies results 2014 show signs of subject growth

GCSE results day 2014 is often one of mixed emotions but this year there are really positive signs for Citizenship and the hard work of teachers and students must absolutely be congratulated.

But what do the statistics tell us about GCSE Citizenship Studies? How is the the subject doing both in terms of numbers of achieving the qualification and the standards attained by students?


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